Get Rid Of Belly Fat for Men & Women
Get Rid of Belly Fat Now

Belly fat is a serious concern among men and women of various shape and size. It occurs as one increases in age. Most people with belly fat find it quite embarrassing and tend to look for various ways to get rid of it .

Asides the fact that it affects one’s appearance, it also leads various health challenges. Checkout some belly fat facts below.



belly fat fact

  • Belly fat is the most harmful fat in the body
  • Belly fat is usually linked to type ii diabetes
  • Belly fat results in various heart diseases
  • Belly fat at the abdomen leads to some serious health issues as it tends to nestle deep into our body organs
  • Belly fat usually makes our jeans feel extra tight and uncomfortable
  • Belly fat is one of the qualities of Obesity.


Getting rid of belly fat is usually a tough task that require lots of attention and routine focus.

The very first step to getting rid of belly fat is your willingness and dedication.

So my question is: Will you do all it takes to get rid of it?

If yes then…


lets get rid of that belly fat
  • Drink lots of water: Water they say is life. Aside from the fact that we need water to quench our thirst, it also serves as a good agent for flushing out the toxins in our body system. Kindly ensure to take at least 8 glasses a day. You could also take warm water mixed sometimes with lemon.


  • Cut down on that sugar intake: Sugar is the biggest factor of belly fat and weight gain in Nigeria. Some people can literally not do without taking Carbonated drinks (soft drinks). Fruit juice in can and bottles also have sugar as additives so please take time to limit your sugar intake. If you want fruit juice just make it yourself. Nothing beats a great homemade juice.


  • Eat more protein food: To put that fat in check, you need to eat more proteins foods. Protein helps build an insulin resistance which I necessary for people as they age.


  • Eat food that has high fiber content: Fiber in food quickens digestion process. Also food rich in fiber is more filling than foods without fiber and it is mostly passed out as feaces after consumption.


  • Limit your consumption of alcohol.


  • Exercise daily: Yes sometimes exercising can be difficult. But daily exercise is very necessary to help burn that fat. Exercising sometimes does not need to be so strenuous, you could just do a 10 mins tummy reduction exercise.


Finally, to reduce belly fat, you need to keep track of the food you consume; i.e. being very conscious of the kinds of food you eat. Most times belly fat results from our diet consumption pattern. Taking conscious effort to make sure the food you eat is in small amount and your pattern of eating doesn’t involve you eating too much carbs is a step to reducing that belly fat.