how emotions affect your health and how u can handle them

how emotions affect your health and how u can handle them


Anger affects the liver…
Anger carries different expressions of which rage is extreme. However, the expression of anger can be called ” short madness ” as you are not in your right state at that moment and every word you say, and actions u carry out are not what you actually intend to do.
These are some effects of anger on your health:

– high blood pressure
– head aches
– pains in the ribs
– chest pains
– dizziness


Anger cannot be avoided but can be handled properly. You can handle your anger with these few tips:

– walk away from the environment
– drink chilled water
-do something fun ( probably a hubby)
When you are angry, ensure that you don’t say anything because you might end up regretting it.. Don’t console you angry as it may lead to depression which can cause further harm to your health…


The organ that gets affected when you worry is the spleen.
Everyone at one point in their lives as something to worry about. There are many factors that lead to worry. The situation of the country, children, money, etc. Worry causes a lot of havoc to the health….. It does more harm than good.

Here are some effects of worry on the health:

– Memory loss
– Fatigue
– Poor appetite
– Bloating
– Weight loss
– Poor hair, skin, and nails
– Paleness

You sure wouldn’t want to have poor skin and look older than you actually are, so here are some tips to handle worry
– Eat properly
– Participate in sport activities
– Avoid staying alone
– stay around positive people


This emotion affects your lungs
The emotion of sadness is very depleting to the nervous system while reducing energy in the body. Sadness could be caused by different reasons like losing a loved one or a valuable item.

Here are effects of sadness on your health
– Tightness if the chest
– Difficulty in breathing
– Asthma
– Frequent colds
– Skin problems like pimples and eczema…

Sadness could lead to depression which can cause further harm to your health like
– High blood pressure
– Twitching
– Memory loss

Here are a few ways to handle sadness
– Eat a lot of fruits
– Play games
– Go for outings shows and concerts
– Exercise regularly
– Be around people always.


This emotion affects the heart.
This is the best emotion as it does more good than harm in the body.

What excitement does to your health:
-Stabilizes the rate of heartbeat
– Sound sleep
– Awaken body cells and make you look younger.
– An anti-aging power.

Although excitement does good there are bad sides as well. Over excitement can cause:
– Excess risk-taking
– Unclear thinking

Your emotions go a long way in affecting your health and lifestyle. It, however, is all about balance. How you balance your emotions matters a lot, not just anger, sadness, excitement & worry but all your emotions. You can, however, balance all your emotions by choosing happiness no matter the circumstance. Put a big smile on your face and live life simply.




That is all I have for you. Have a good day ahead