Ok, I have been getting lots of request to give tips on how to slim down (mostly from my beautiful ladies). It has been a huge pleasure having you around and because I love you so much, I’d be sharing the usual Nutrition Tips I give my clients on slimming down (losing weight).

Losing weight can be easy and at the same time difficult as it requires self- discipline, focus, time and patience.


what causes weight gain
what causes weight gain

I did a research a while ago on food choices and their effect on our nutritional status. The result came out negative but I discovered something; I found out that although we make fantastic food choices in Nigeria, our food consumption pattern is derogatory:

  • Huge meal portions: Some of us eat huge portions of meal at least 3 times a day; this is common among men.


  • Skipping breakfast: Some people skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight. Others are too busy or running late so they just miss breakfast. There’s a group that just doesn’t eat breakfast; for them it’s a norm; of course this seems pretty healthy – they are losing weight.


  • Unhealthy Snacking is King of the Day: This is common among a lot of people especially the working class. We get too busy, we just grab that snacks and keep working. Some people cannot even do without chewing something. I mean, what’s better than that crunchy biscuits or chocolate while working; it’s delicious right.


  • Large cup and plate size is also a major issue: The size and shapes of some plates can be misleading, it makes food look small when it’s actually very large and can fill a different plate shape successfully. As for the cups, some people can relate to the fact that there are some cups that looks very small but can fill another glass cup that looks bigger than the small cup. This kind of cup is what most us (intentionally or unintentionally) use when taking our favorite drinks (coffee, fruit juice, zobo and so on).


  • Too much Sugar: My people, this is 100% common. Some people can take 5 spoons of sugar with their tea anything; less than that is substandard for them. Some can drink 5 bottles of carbonated drinks in a day. Some people can’t even eat washing it down with a drink (the meal is just not complete). When it’s hot outside “You need a cold drink” teeming with sugar. And the List goes on and on.


  • I am also not forgetting late night meals and skipped meals: Most times it is really not your fault, especially when you live in Lagos. You end up spending lunch and dinner time stuck in traffic. Getting home late and having late meals is almost inevitable.

I’m guessing a lot of us can relate to this.

So today I would not be talking about what we should eat (I’d like to assume we know this already) but how we should eat.

So, what’s the way forward?

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HOW BEST CAN I EAT TO ENSURE WEIGHT LOSS           (9 Healthy Weight Gain Tip)

9 healthy weight loss tips
9 healthy weight loss tips
  • Do not skip breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The benefits are numerous, ranging from lower rates of diabetes to increased satiety and weight loss. It also reduces snacking rates during the day and provides extra nutrients.


  • Reduce Eating Portion: To reduce that weight you have reduce your meal portion size. I usually advise my clients to get very small plate and take like a fistful food five times a day. To ensure you don’t get hungry.


  • Cut down Snacking: Snacking on instinct should be reduced. The kind of snacks you take should be reduced or substituted for fruits (You feel like eating snacks, snack on fruits). Or you could just switch to healthy snacks like plantain chips, potato chips, Greek yoghurt, kilishi or suya, banana muffin and so on (I will shed more light on healthy snacking in my next post).


  • Cut down on your sugar intake: My people, it is very important we reduce our sugar intake; especially carbonated or sweetened drinks. They can actually be substituted with natural fruit juice; all you need is a juice or smoothie maker and your fruits, blend and refrigerate. (I should be adding healthy recipes to my blog soon; it’d be nice to share some with you **wink wink).                                                                                                                             Also kindly reduce the amount of sugar you put in your tea and any other food or drink you want to add it to.


  • Consistent eating: Eating consistently is a habit we should imbibe. Eating regularly and consistently helps us burn those calories faster and reduce the urge to snack on something. I know what some of you are thinking now… “What of people like us that close pretty late”; try taking fruits or salad and chicken instead when you get home late. I know it is not easy but you have to try.


  • Stop Late Night Eating: Stop late night eating please! I said it twice for emphasis. Eating late at night has nothing to do with hunger but that silent midnight craving. I would like us to try reducing the urge.


  • Drink lots of water: The benefit of water cannot be overemphasized. Let’s make drinking water (at least 8 glasses a day) a habit. This way we can flush toxins out of our system.


  • Cut down on your alcohol intake: It’s still sugar even if it is bitter and your body produces all the alcohol it needs.


  • Exercise at least 3 times a week: If good nutrition is king, good exercise is her queen. They go hand in glove and together can breakdown any fatty barrier. So let’s take time to work out daily and consistently. And if you don’t have that time, you could go for long walks. Working class people, take time out to walk the long/short distance to your bus stop or the ATM stand. It helps a lot when you do this with a friend.


So there you have it; the final tip is – don’t ignore all the tips in bold.

You follow these few tips consistently and you are well on your way to losing all that weight.

I’d be waiting for your wonderful questions.

See you next week.