Chronic Kidney Diseases
Nigerian Lifestyles that could lead to Chronic Kidney diseases

We live in a beautiful country.  A sweet country that still retains flavors of cultural essence and traditional norms that bonds us together.  It also a country that will not hesitate to warm to external culture mixing with ours. This and many more have built us a beautiful life with some complications. One of these complications is Chronic Kidney Disease.

What is Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney diseases also called Chronic Kidney Failure can be described as the gradual loss of kidney function. It usually occurs as you age and can be attributed to the kind of lifestyle you have lived over the years.

6 Nigerian Lifestyles that could lead to chronic kidney diseases

Some of these lifestyles can be attributed to our culture, economic situation or dietary evolution. Some of these lifestyles include:



Chronic Kidney Diseases

I am absolutely sure there is no Nigerian, born and bred in this country that has not heard of AGBO, or taken agbo. In Nigeria, our mothers use herbal drugs as preventive measures or cure for some illness like malaria, diarrhea (jedi-jedi) and so on.

As of now, we have some ladies carrying some wonderful mixture that; especially men; take to stay active and strong.

Do you, however, know that the poisonous effect of these herbal drugs accounted for 37.5% of cases of acute tubular necrosis in a Nigerian study?


A lot of these drugs though very effective causes more harm than good, especially to our kidney. This is major because it is taken in large quantity and not measure in a specified amount that the body can process thereby overloading the kidney and leading to kidney failure.


  1. Self – Medication:

Chronic Kidney Diseases

I won’t lie, I am very guilty of this. Many Nigerians is a doctor o. We all have that one special cabinet that is specially dedicated to self-prescribed drugs. When I fall ill, it’s straight to the pharmacist for those drugs that will cure me, I mean it’s just malaria and typhoid must I go to the hospital.

Besides, hospitals can be so expensive and general hospitals take most of my time.

But, hey, guess what?   It is bad, like very bad. It has been stated that most of the things that cause renal failure are the abuse of analgesics.

Pain killers should only be used when they are required like  a case of surgery. For normal pains like headache, leg pain among others. Paracetamol should be enough to take care of the problems and if they persist, please make time to go to the hospital for proper investigations and medication. There is no need for taking stronger pain killers.


  1. Excessive Alcohol Intake:

Chronic Kidney Diseases

Alcohol in Nigeria is equal to having fun. I mean the “its time to get high and go crazy” and the what is your limit”.

All these are attributed factors to alcohol intake. Our alcohol intakes start from 3 – 5 bottles and above and our shots for 5. Lol, that’s the life.

But man this life is leading us to some lifestyle disease. It is therefore important to note that alcohol should be taken in moderation and not to the point of stupor.


  1. SALT!!!

Chronic Kidney Disease

That Jollof rice is tasty enough without the extra salt ma. We love it in moderation. Please let’s be nicer to our salt or the price might just go up (smiling).


  1. Sedentary Lifestyle:

Chronic Kidney Disease

I said it in my last post, this is a no no no. Please let’s start being more active, walk around, burn those calories. Yes, hustle is important but being healthy is importanter. So let’s get those body moving. Thank you.


  1. Smoking:

Chronic kidney diseases

I decided to talk about this towards the end because it is usually very well spoken of and it cannot be overemphasized. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

It damages blood vessels, which decreases the flow of blood in the kidneys. When the kidneys don’t have adequate blood flow, they can’t function at optimal levels. Also, it increases the risk of high blood pressure as well as the risk of kidney cancer.


Well, I think I can stop here. We avoid this and we are 10 steps away from developing Chronic Kidney diseases. I wish you all the best weekend.

Till next time… bye!!!