Sedentary Lifestyle and Its effect

I love those moments when I get to sit or sleep away my day with no chores, no place to go, nothing at all. Sometimes I even wish just have internet, light, my laptop, food, and water; trust me: I will not stand up till only God knows when. I mean I get to work, eat, sleep, do everything all at once and still make money (**evil smile).

But did you know that, being totally inactive has its negative effects?


Did you know that being inactive; i.e. living a sedentary lifestyle can:

Research according to WHO, globally, 1 out of 4 people are not moving enough. As of 2013, No fewer than 240,000 Nigerians die annually from physical inactivity. Did you also know that this sedentary lifestyle is also responsible for 95% of sickness in Nigeria?  The next question you ask yourselves is:

 How do you know if you are active or not?

Let’s do a quick test, shall we?

  • Do you seat for long hours especially at work?
  • When you go on break: Do you seat on your desk to eat instead walk around a bit to mingle before coming back?
  • At home are you either watching TV or sleeping?
  • Do you hate doing house chores?
  • Do you hate workouts?
  • Do you love working out but do not have the time?
    • Do you prefer taking a form of transportation instead of walking when the distance is not too far?

If you said yes to any of these questions, start watching it … you are in the sedentary zone!

What is a Sedentary Lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle is defined as a lifestyle that involves little or no physical activity. A person living a sedentary lifestyle is mostly sitting or lying down while engaged in activities; reading, socializing, working, watching television, playing video games or using phone or computer for a larger part of the day.

With the current evolution to the digital space (Technology), most of us spend a large percentage of our time on our PCs or on our mobile phones. Some of us; me inclusive, spend most of our time working on the computer during our 9-5 jobs. Most times to meet up at work, we even spend more time than usual on our systems. We go home and after freshening up its TV time, we barely have time to work out.

How then can you combat the sedentary lifestyle?

That’s a lot easier than we think. When you are inactive or sedentary, then you start looking for ways to stay active. It’s not necessary you do the regular fitness but you being active in little, yet, flexible ways goes a long way.

You can:

  • Walk to work if it’s close to your house or you can walk those short distances 10/15 min distance to your house or a junction.
  • Take walks during lunch breaks, Tea or coffee breaks
  • Stand up every 30 min while working at a desk
  • Do some house chores
  • Walk around while taking your phone calls
  • for the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Get yourself a standing desk or ask your workplace to provide one
  • Move around the building while working
  • Take time to have actual fun moving around without the mobile phones and systems
  • Stand on your heels a bit when you stand up at first
  • To avoid stiffness of the leg, try turning your feet from the heels down.


So, that is all I have for you, take time to enjoy your jobs and please walk around avoid the sedentary lifestyle to ensure proper work effectiveness, to prevent lifestyle diseases and for mental stability.

Do have the best day ahead.

See yah