Sudden Weight Gain in the 20's

Are you in your ’20s? Have you experienced sudden weight gain despite following the normal lifestyle processes including exercises and proper eating? Well, don’t fret a lot of people are going through this same phase. I for one experience a little weight gain in my twenties and I have also noticed that some of my friends are going through the same phase despite following a healthy lifestyle and working out once a while.

So we started wondering, what is the reason for this weight gain and how can we handle it. This is was our outcome:

Why the Sudden Weight Gain in the ’20s

Why the Sudden Weight Gain in the 20’s

The ’20s is the prime age especially for we women, it is a time when we are just discovering who we are, starting that new job or generally experiencing life. Alongside this, metabolically, as we grow older we lose approximately one pound of muscle a year. This muscle burns energy into fat. Thus the more muscle you lose, the more weight you gain especially if you still take the same amount of food you eat or live the same lifestyle you have always lived. Some lifestyles that could lead to weight gain include:



  1. Poor Sleeping Habits:

udden Weight Gain in the 20's

I know you will say, it can’t be helped, I mean in between trying balance it all, the new job, internship opportunities, late-night studying, preparing for that meeting or exam, meeting up to offices duties, home duties, the social life, relationship life and several more. It is really hard to catch any time of sleep. But did you know that poor sleep is equivalent to poor energy management, poor eating habits, poor stress management, and a bad lifestyle decision? All this, in turn, could work together in promoting weight gain.

  1. Lack of Exercise:

udden Weight Gain in the 20's

Sometimes it’s not the lack of exercise but the lack of the right kind of exercise. As young adults, when growing we feel less obligated to work out especially when you are not overweight. But did you know that not exercising promotes not just weight gain but also low immunity, weakness, poor stamina and lack of energy especially in your late 20s?



  1. Stress:

udden Weight Gain in the 20's

Did you know that stress could increase the cortisol hormone especially during tension-filled times? This increased level of the hormone causes a higher insulin level, dropping your sugar level, leaving you weak and opening the gate to a craving for more sugary/fatty food.

You can find more information on this with Harvards review on stress below :


  1. Bad Eating Habits:

udden Weight Gain in the 20's

Remember when we are left all alone at home with those wonderful junks or when we got into Universities with our exciting pocket money to buy all the junks in the world. I mean who has time to eat in the afternoon with the wonderful class schedules, assignments and research to do, imagine if I was a science student and I have to do 3hrs practicals immediately. Mehn, the burger, egg-roll and other snack n chilled drink will do the job faster o. No time to cook jare.

Well, I have a news flash for you: Your stomach took a record of it all. It also noticed when you didn’t stop when you started working. And hey your sedentary lifestyle at work doesn’t include the walking around and running and co you did as a student. So guess what… the stomach expands a year or 2 into that job because you couldn’t stop eating those junks and you just can’t do with that very chilled bottle of coke.


  1. Addiction / Binging:

udden Weight Gain in the 20's

I know, I know, you just can’t stop. Lol, how can you work without a box of chocolate chips or snacks? And that chilled drink (heaven) {LOL}. Sorry.

But on a serious note, the ’20s is when independence sets in and you want to explore some bad habits (smoking, alcohol, desserts and several unhealthy partners). This could leave a trail of destroyed carefully constructed good habits and an entry into the world of bad lifestyle habits that will move you from a size 8 to a size 16. Don’t forget the fact that it leads to some terrible lifestyle diseases. So be careful.


  1. We didn’t know all these will affect our weight:

Sudden Weight Gain in the 20's

And this is a nutrition flaw. Not knowing what the right food to eat or the best lifestyle to live encourages the younger generation to set unhealthy standards that end up affecting them as they grow into Adulthood.




How Then Can We Stop This Sudden Weight Gain

This is quite simple just look for a way to do the opposite of what we mentioned above. That is:

  1. Do the right kinds of exercise every day.
  2. Discipline yourself when faced with the world of awesome addictions/temptations.
  3. Avoid bad lifestyle habits
  4. Get informed. This new age has given us a digital space that opens us to lots of helpful information. Filter and use it.

Sudden Weight Gain in the 20's



Well, I am all done. It has certainly been amazing writing on why our stomachs add a few when we grow. I am coming with more gist about us. Do have the best week ahead. And watch out for our next post.